Bucktail Council

Leader Forum (Popcorn Kickoff and Fall Roundup Orientation)

Leader Forum will be held on Tuesday, August 8th at 7pm at Camp Mountain Run in the Hallstrom Lodge.  For additional information on the Popcorn Kickoff click here.  For information on Fall Roundup, click here.

Lion Pilot Huge Success, Program open for All Cub Scout Packs

With the success of the last year's Lion Program for Kindergarten boys, the Bucktail Council has been granted permission to open up the program to all Cub Scout Packs in the Fall of 2017.  If your Cub Scout Pack wishes to participate in the program, please send a representative to one of the Fall Roundup Orientations in August.  The first one will be on Tuesday, August 8th at Camp Mountain Run.

Scouting Impact Lives - 2016 Report to the Nation

At the most recent Report to the Nation last week a delegation of 10 youth from across the United States traveled to Washington, DC to represent the BSA and deliver our annual Report to the Nation to elected officials and agency heads throughout the nation's capital.  The report, which is required as part of the BSA's congressional charter highlights our achievement in 2016.  More than that, it shines a light on all of the incredible contributions made my our millions of youth members and adult volunteers, including the highest total of community volunteer hours over the last 5 years!  Download an infographic summary of the report.

Scoutbook Makes Tracking Your Scouts Advancement Easier

From Leaders to Scouts to Parents, Scoutbook makes it easier to track day-to-day essentials in Scouting.  Scoutbook is "the whole Scouting experience rolled into one great web app"!  Check it out!

My.Scouting.org and MyScouting.org Consolidated 

In an effort to move towards simplification, we have consolidated the two volunteer sites, myscouting.org and my.scouting.org. The remaining links in the legacy myscouting.org were moved to my.scouting.org and appear in the Menu drop down list under Legacy Web Tools. The links include:

•       BeAScout

•       Best Practices Portal

•       Internet Advancement

•       Internet Rechartering

•       Journey to Excellence

•       Manage Member ID

•       National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course

•       Service Hours Reporting

•       Tour and Activity Plan

•       Voice of the Scout

Access to these services is still dependent on one’s registered position. So for example, if your myscouting.org login gave you access to Journey to Excellence in your Council Tools on the left side menu then you will now access this same dashboard by logging into my.scouting.org, select Menu and then Legacy Web Tools in the dropdown list.

We also moved the ability to manage your member/person id’s that was previously located in the profile section to a new tool called Manage Member ID.  If you have multiple member numbers (for example you are registered in more than one council) and you need to add or change one and set as primary for your my.scouting.org role, then select Manage Member ID from the drop down list. Once the change is made you must log out and log back in to have the system recognize the alternate membership, its corresponding security and tools access.

This consolidation was made to eliminate ongoing frustration about needing to go to two different places.  We hope you agree this is a positive step forward!

New Volunteers

As a new adult leader in the Scouting program, we are committed to get you the resources that you need to put on a quality Scouting program for your Scouts.  Program Resources and information on the PA Act 15 (volunteer clearances) are available on this site.  Please note that all new leaders need to have the clearances prior to becoming a Scout leader.  (Currently registered leaders will need to get their clearances by December and submit them as part of the rechartering process.)  For additional information, please download these FAQ's or contact the Council Service Center at 814-371-5650.

Send your Trading Post Orders via Email

Packs, Troops and others may now opt to send their trading post orders for badges, books, etc. to Bucktail Council Trading Post.  This will allow us to more efficiently get your orders ready for you to pick up.

Go to BeaScout.org to find the Nearest Scouting Program!

Go to BeaScout.org to find out how you can sign up for Scouting!  Just type in your zip code and a Google Map with pins will appear with the programs in your area.  There will also be contact information for the Pack so that you can call or email for more information.  You can also contact the Council Service Center at 814-371-5650.



Our Mission

The mission of the Bucktail Council, Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical choices during their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. We fulfill our mission by establishing and supporting strong relationships with organizations that use the program of the Boy Scouts of America to accomplish mutually acceptable goals.

Boy Scouts of America Profile

The Boy Scouts of America promise youth of America an exciting, challenging, outdoor program filled with fun and adventure, which will build character, train in the responsibility of participating citizenship, and develop personal fitness.

What area does the Bucktail Council cover? Simply put, it services an area within the Boy Scouts of America that covers Elk, Cameron, Clearfield, Jefferson and the western portion of Centre County of Pennsylvania.


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